Little trips – Duckett’s Grove and Baltinglass Abbey

January 15, 2014

Castle Ducketts Grove, country Carlow

As promised I wanted to add more travels photos this year. Next year I would like to look back and see all the lovely places we visit, or at least some of them. Too often these minitrips are simply forgotten.

We have visited Ducketts Grove (link to official page) during the Christmas break. The weather was quite awful most of the time, but this particular day was beautiful, very sunny, but chilly.

Castle Ducketts Grove, country CarlowWe found out about this castle, that technically isn’t a castle from this blog, when I saw it I knew I need to visit it. Even though it’s quite new, taking Irish standards – only 300 years, it is beautiful. Ireland is full of places like these. Some ruins are more impressive than others. I must say this one was one of prettiest I’ve seen. The walls are still impressive. Unfortunately one part of the castle was closed, I was really disappointed.

Castle Ducketts Grove, country Carlow

There is something charming about those grey-stone ruins. Before Christmas there was a Christmas market organized in the courtyard, I wish we could be there. It must have been lovely.

Castle Ducketts Grove, country Carlow

On our way back we stopped at Bantiglass Abbey. This abbey was built in 1170, so now you can understand why Duckett’s Grove seemed so new. As you can see the structure looks pretty well, taking into consideration it’s over 800 years old!

Baltinglass Abbey

And that’s just a few snapshots somewhere from county Wicklow.

Ireland view Ireland view

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  • Reply Joanna January 16, 2014 at 19:01

    Przepiekne zdjecia!!!! Nigdy nie bylam w Irlandi ale slyszlam od tych to tam podrozowali ze jest przesliczne i waro odwiedzic. Moze w niedlugiej przyszlosci zaplanuje male wakacji. Koniecznie post wiecej zdjec!

    • Reply Magda January 16, 2014 at 20:59

      Dziękuję Asiu :) Irlandia jest piękna, dokładnie tak jak wszyscy sobie ją wyobrażają, tylko pada inaczej, wcale nie leje jak z cebra całymi dniami, tylko pogoda zmienia się czasem co 10 min i owszem pada sporo, ale to raczej 15 minutowa mrżawka a nie ulewa.
      Zdjęć będzie więcej, ostatnio obijam się z gotowaniem, i jeszcze muszę mieć jakiś backup jak pojadę na wakacje :)

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