As time goes by

As time goes by – January 2015

January 31, 2015

trees and skyAnd January is gone. It still feels unbelievable it’s 2015. I still remember when it was 2000…


How was your January? Mine was really good. I finished my Philippines series! After a year!

Tidying, reading

I read a book on tidying and made a purge in our apartment. If the tidiness sticks, I will tell you about.

Also because of Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge I’ve read Comet in Moominland. It was a little bit disappointing. I picked the book without checking what characters in, and I was really disappointed to learn there was no The Groke and Little My. But well, I’m still proud of myself that I actually read something different, but I will stick to books for adults for now.

While I’m not sure if I will follow whole reading list, I’m sure I will use to pick some more usual books.


Except tiding there is still loads simplification that can still be made. Here are some great tips. So far I managed to restrict my Facebook and Twitter time, incorporate more walks during weekends and made a soup almost every week.


I’m still wondering what I want my blog to be. I find those kind of ideas for blog posts inspiring and annoying at the same time. Inspiring because sometimes I feel I’m repeating myself and it’s nice to get some refreshing ideas, but on the other hand  there are so many blogs that follow the same schemes, that’s just boring. So I will keep that link and hope I can use it in more refreshing way.


If we had bigger budget we could look even more awesome.

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  • Reply Renee January 31, 2015 at 19:16

    Magda, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. I completely relate to your dilemma of blogging and finding a theme/niche. I struggle with this also. I constantly feel a pulling to document moments of my life, yet I am at a complete loss to get started. I have several empty blogs that I designed with no content in them. I admire you for bravely posting your true feelings on your blog. It’s encouraging to read your words. I am sure there are many more like us out there. : ) Personally, I like when you share your culture with us—both your Polish roots and your adopted country of Ireland, as well as your travels abroad. Thank you!

    • Reply Magda February 1, 2015 at 18:24

      Renee, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It’s so good to hear somebody enjoys my scribbles.
      I’m a blog addict and like you I feel I want to capture moments, but when in doubt I just write, or photograph, in the worst case scenario I will just have a documentation of my life, so it’s not bad at all. Personally I noticed that my favourite blogs are the ones that evolves and are real. I don’t enjoy blogs that are just pretty pictures, but are missing person behind. I love nice photos, but without a soul behind it, it’s not grabbing enough.

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