Walk from Greystones to Bray

February 14, 2015


I always think about big cities as concrete jungle, where it’s hard to find nature, but luckily Dublin has for abundance of places where you can walk and it’s wild enough to have a feeling being away from the city.

We walked multiple times from Greystones to Bray (you can go the other way round if you want to). It’s one of our favourite walks that don’t require car.

http://www.imdb.com/list/ls070669472/Greystones is really easy to reach by DART (urban train). As you go you will see wonderful window views as the tracks run along the coast.

The Happy Pear

Shop in Greystones

Greystones is adorable little village, with some cute shops and nice cafes. If you want grab something to eat, you should definitely stop by The Happy Pear. It’s a shop and restaurant run by two brothers, the food is vegetarian and delicious, it’s always packed. In Bray you can stop by for a pizza at Platform (voted by Irish Times readers, as the best pizza in Ireland).

Cliffs between Greystones and Bray

The walk is super easy, you walk only tiny bit uphill. It takes around 2 hours. If you start from Greystones looks for signs “The cliff walk”. In Bray just walk along the sea in a direction of the mountains.

Path between Graystones and Bray

The path is quite wide and well beaten, at places it narrows down, but there is no way to get lost.Cliffs between Greystones and BrayPath between Graystones and Bray Cliffs between Greystones and Bray You can bring a cake and contemplate the views (we’ve eaten this pumpkin cake with nutty crumble, yes it was a while ago).
Man hands and cake

The beach in Bray is all pebbles, but it’s still fun to stroll by.  Beach in Bray

My favourite part of coming to Bray are the colourful lightbulbs. We always go there during the day, so I don’t have a clue if they work, but they looks so damn cute!

colourful light bulbs and skyBrayBray, seaside

PS. You may want to read about nice alternative to this walk – Howth. Or if you want to explore Bray area you need to check out Killruddery House and Gardens.

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    I really liked Bray, specially The Harbour bar, such a cool pub! Haven’t made it to Greystones yet, wondering which way is the best, from Bray or to Bray.

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