As time goes by

As time goes by – March 2015

March 31, 2015


March felt like I didn’t get anything done. It was just about thinking and taking things slow.

If it wasn’t for two little trips – Copenhagen and Northern Ireland I would say that nothing was done. I will blame it on spring fever.

Hopefully soon I will share photos from our trip. In meantime look at the ad narrated by Liam Neeson.

Bucket list

Do you have one? I always thought I want to keep my options opened. There are so many beautiful places, that I don’t feel I will ever run out of ideas, but I’ve seen some really cool ideas this month that I think it’s time to make a special page where I will add them.

Look at those breathtaking hikes, or those small cities, we’ve been so far to Marsaxlokk and it was super cute, I felt in love with Gent, and I definitely need to come back to. Torun is not bad as well.

There is also a big list of places I need to visit in Poland, like Biebrzanski Park Narodowy, look how much it’s going on over there.

And let’s hope next month will be more productive.

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