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Hi there!
My name is Magda and I’m a blog addict. I started my first blog in 2004. I went from personal blogging to photoblogging to food blogging. I find that blogging is a great way of learning new things, challenging yourself and meeting amazing people.

I’m a Polish, currently living in Dublin Kraków.

I still try to define what this blog is about, so bare with me, but in general I would like my blog to be about sharing the experience. I try to share things I would tell my best friend about. So I like sharing recipes, as food is one of my favourite topics, I find it amazing, there are so many different angles, layers, it says so much about us as society, and I can talk about it forever.

You will find different types of recipes here:

  • sweet, because I have a sweet tooth,
  • healthy, because I try to balance the previous point,
  • Polish, because I’m Polish and I feel people don’t know enough about Polish food.
  • Did I mentioned I love bread?

I also share some photos from my travels. There are so many beautiful places I would keep in my mind.

I’m not a native English speaker, so if anything is unclear or you have any questions just ask.

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If you have more questions about me or my cooking feel free to contact me at
magdascauldron (at) gmail.com

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  • Reply Joanna September 10, 2013 at 02:08

    Bardzo sie ciesze za napotknelam sie na twoj blog. Naprawde super przepisy i takze bradzo ladne robisz zdjecia. Podoba mi sie rowniez wyglad twoje strony. Ja juz od dluzszego czasu mieszkam w US. Bardzo lubie gotowac i ostatnio takze zaczelam sie interesowac fotografia. Misle aby zaczac blog ale nie jestem w 100% przekonana, bo moj pisany angielski ma duzo do zyczenia:). Wiedze ze ty jestes w bardzo zaawansowana w tym wiec moze mi poradzisz:
    1. jaki masz aparat fotograficzny, just od paru tygodni czytam i nie moge sie zdecydowac canon albo nikon:)
    2.jaki blog platform uzylas i czy ci ktos zaprojektowal ten blog, czy uzylas theme?

    Sorry ze taki dlugi komentaz ale nie moglam znalesc email do cibie na twoim blog.:)

    • Reply Magda September 10, 2013 at 21:22

      Witaj Asiu,
      O widzisz, email jest na samym końcu wpisu na tej stronie, muszę go jakoś wytłuścić i może dodać ikonkę obok linków do Facebooka. Wyślę Ci maila z odpowiedziami, nie obiecuję, że dam radę w tym tygodniu, bo ten tydzień mam masakryczny, a weekend wyjeżdżam, ale na pewno na początku przyszłego tygodnia. I dzięki za komentarz.

  • Reply Paul Edwards November 3, 2013 at 04:23

    Congratulations on an impressive site. The stories and personal information give context to your recipes. Your great photographs bring your site to life but of course the star is your selection of wonderful recipes. I find your site is very easy to navigate and your placement of photographs entices the visitor to visit your recipes. I live in Australia and through your site it reinforces my belief that we are all a part of the same global family. Thanks!
    I am trying to collect traditional recipes for global and local festivals. Could you recommend a recipe that could be prepared to celebrate Polish Independence Day and could I have permission to use it on my site? I would acknowledge that it is your recipe and provide a link.
    The link to my website is http://www.allaboutcuisines.com and I have your site listed on the following page http://www.allaboutcuisines.com/recipe-sites/poland
    The goal of my site is to encourage people to try new cuisines so that they can get a better understanding of the world’s diverse cultures as well as helping people prepare and taste new food. My site does not sell or generate income.

    Best Regards
    Paul Edwards
    All About Cuisines
    “Connecting Cultures through Food”

    • Reply Magda November 3, 2013 at 20:09

      Hi Paul,
      these are very nice words, thank you. Yes, feel free to include my recipe as long as you link it back.
      Polish Independence Day is a tricky holiday as we don’t really celebrate it with particular food. For that reason I would recommend Honey Cake http://magdascauldron.com/2012/12/honey-cake-miodownik.html It’s a rich, festive recipe, so it will be perfect to celebrate Independance Day

  • Reply Dawid Wiacek December 20, 2013 at 16:18

    Masz naprawde wspaniala strone; wlasnie siedze w domu, troche przeziebiony, i mysle upiec te twoje almond gingebread cookies. They’re quite elegant/simple/beautiful… and your photography is a feast for the eyes! I’ll be sure to bookmark your site for the future. Best regards, Dawid (originally from Kolbuszowa, now living in NYC). Wesolych Swiat!

    • Reply Magda December 21, 2013 at 21:50

      Dziękuję Dawidzie. Migdałowe pierniczki są bardzo dobre, jeszcze mi ze 3 zostały i wyglądają bardzo elegancko. Wesołych Świąt!

  • Reply Joanna January 29, 2014 at 05:14

    Hi Magda,

    I am starting my own food blog, just to create more of a hobby etc. I love your blog and have tried some of your recipes. I was wondering if I ever want to post a recipe that I got from your blog am I allowed to as long as I link to your recipe and blog?


  • Reply Laura Packham February 4, 2014 at 10:55

    Hi there,
    Congratulations on the blog! Such a pleasure to read and stunning photography, to boot!
    My name is Laura Packham from UK recipe-sharing website, Gourmandize.co.uk and I would like to arrange a short interview with you – by email or by phone – so that our visitors can learn more about your blog.
    Would you be free this week?
    My best contact is at laura@gourmandize.co.uk
    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Laura Packham

    Gourmandize.co.uk features food bloggers from the United Kingdom and Ireland, along with monthly recipe competitions, and is an open community for all people to share their love of food and cooking.
    We are also currently looking for foodies to add their favourite recipes to our site to create a free personalised cookbook, like this: http://goo.gl/y0Go1Y

    This is a no-cost gift that we offer so we can share your recipes with other bloggers and visitors to our site – and rest assured there are no shipping costs either.
    I will leave you with a link to our site, http://www.gourmandize.co.uk/

  • Reply Rebecca Brown August 15, 2017 at 06:15

    Hi Magda,
    I was browsing Poland on Google maps. I stopped in Krakow and visited a bakery’s website. I was looking at photos of their wares, when I saw “Hedgehog Cake.”
    Looking for translations and recipes, I found you.
    Could you please tell what hedgehog cake is, please? I saw it on the website for Cukiernia Wadowice.
    I love to find restaurant websites and read and learn other countries cuisine.
    Thank you,
    Rebecca in Southwest USA.

    • Reply Magda August 19, 2017 at 20:40

      Hi Rebecca,
      I needed to check what hedgehog cake is. There was a cake I called a hedgehog but it was totally different from what I’ve found on the bakery website. Because this is the cake you mean http://cukierniawadowice.pl/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/jez.jpg ? They say it’s poppy seed and coconut cake. It has a sponge with some poppy seeds and two types of cream, one with cocoa and second with coffee. I’ve never tried or made this one, but in Poland we have many cakes like these. I found a similar recipe here http://www.mojewypieki.com/post/makowa-panienka It’s my favourite blog.
      Happy exploring :)

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