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Russian salad or just a veggie salad

I must confess to something. We’ve been talking here about Polish flavours like mushroom pierogi, bigos,  etc. And it may seem to you I’m so into those flavours. Well I kind of am, but only a little bit. I told you

Polish potato pancakes (placki ziemniaczane)

Before I will show you more photos from Italy (it takes ages to decide which ones I like most), let's cook something Polish. You know I love potatoes, I could probably survive on a potato diet without

Polish lazy dumplings

Comfort food means something different for everybody. Once Ania from the blog Strawberries from Poland wrote that for her comfort food would be soft, melting dishes. It’s something that you would eat when you are sick, that brings

Creamy cauliflower soup

You know I really love Donna Hay Challenge. I was pretty excited about this month’s challenge. It looked quite simple. I knew that I would have lighting issues, but this Sunday was such a bad day for

Bread with potatoes

I wanted to this bread for ages, but always there was something on my way. We always ate all potatoes or I could wait for them to boil and cool down. This time I made it. The