As time goes by – November

november - cat sleeping on the heater and roses

On life

I’ve started a new job. Before doing so I’ve managed to squeeze in a week in Barcelona with a friend. But you already know that. So I’m getting used to new routine and trying to remember insane amount of new names. I haven’t made a cake yet as well, maybe next week, I will see.

Now I need to commute. It adds an extra time and made me dependent either on a bus or Tomek. It’s a little bit annoying, but it’s ok, I can make it work.

On food

Interesting articles on gluten and on fat.

I want to scream when it comes to a perception of food. The food propaganda made us so stupid.

Let me explain – I was chatting with a friend about frozen veggies and she was wondering if that’s true they lose a lot of nutrients when are being frozen. I’m no expert, I thought freezing is the best for preserving food, so I’ve googled it. The article I’ve read stated that if food is frozen very quickly after being picked up it doesn’t lose a lot nutrients. But even just sitting on a shelf makes veggies lose nutrients.

But while we were chatting I’ve thought, that we are so silly. We believe in any myths about grains, dairy, veggies, so basically decent, nutritious food, just because it’s something that media focus on. We question usage of butter, lard, or frozen or canned veggies. But we don’t mind those strange additions in processed food, something that you don’t find in your own kitchen.

So can we just settled that the closer food is to their original shape the better it is for you.

On blogging

Great piece on blogging. Remind me about it when I will question why and what should I blog about

Be happy

15 things you should give up to be happy – Well, I’m guilty of most of them. I constantly need to be reminded that the happiness comes from inside not outside.

So beautiful

Have you ever wondered how is it to be part of something like this? Do they even know how beautiful they are? Do they have fun?

Maybe we are all part of a bigger dance that we can’t see?