Kerry is beautiful even in the fog

Cliffs in Kerry

kerry in the fog

Travelling around Ireland is always risky business. The weather is unpredictable, especially in late autumn and winter.

We once travel along the coast and couldn’t see the sea. When we visited Kerry in November and we were blessed with one day of gorgeous weather, the rest was well… good enough. What you can see on the first image, should really look more like this. Luckily at the sea level the visibility was much better.

kerry in the fog-3

Kerry in the fog

Everytime we travel I can’t believe that everything looks like advertised. The grass is so green and soft no matter what season it is.

Kerry in the fog

The cliffs, the ocean, the green hills, the stone walls, sheep… Everything is breathtaking.

kerry in the fog-2

kerry in the fog-4

You need to have nerves of steel to be a sheep in Kerry, one bad step and you can end in the ocean.

Sheep at the edge

Cliffs in Kerry

I forgot how dark nights can be. One night we were staying at this B&B just outside of the village, it wasn’t far away, maybe 10 minutes from the centre. We left the house and were standing in total darkness. We knew the road just few steps from us, but we couldn’t see it. Living in the city you forget those little things. Luckily we had a torch.

kerry in the fog-6

Rossbeigh Beach was the most windy spot we visited. When we got out of the car we could barely walk.

I think my hairstyle can prove, that I’m not lying.

kerry in the fog-3-2

But windy or not, nobody can stop Irish people from having good time, you will always find people strolling, fishing, or surfing. Just remember to dress adequately and you will be grand.

kerry in the fog-2-2

Surfing in Kerry - Aughacasla

Surfing in Kerry - Aughacasla