About me

Hi there!
My name is Magda and I’m a blog addict. I started my first blog in 2004. I went from personal blogging to photo blogging to food blogging. I find that blogging is a great way of learning new things, challenging yourself and meeting amazing people.

I’m a Polish, currently living in Dublin Kraków.

I still try to define what this blog is about, so bear with me, but in general, I would like my blog to be about sharing the experience. I try to share things I would tell my best friend about. So I like sharing recipes, as food is one of my favorite topics, I find it amazing, there are so many different angles, layers, it says so much about us as a society, and I can talk about it forever.

You will find different types of recipes here:

  • sweet, because I have a sweet tooth,
  • healthy, because I try to balance the previous point,
  • Polish, because I’m Polish and I feel people don’t know enough about Polish food.
  • Did I mention I love bread?

I also share some photos from my travels. There are so many beautiful places I would keep in my mind.

I’m not a native English speaker, so if anything is unclear or you have any questions just ask.

Contact me

If you have more questions about me or my cooking feel free to contact me at
magdascauldron (at) gmail.com


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