Chestnut chocolate pots

When the guests are coming I usually look for a cake I could make. A cake is my favourite, my comfort zone. I only need to have an idea what type of cake I want, usually the answer is an easy one.  But since I try to be good and avoid carbs I needed to figure out something […]

Lavender Farm, a little bit of Provence in Ireland

Did you know there are places in Ireland where you can feel a little bit like in Provence, France? I didn’t. I heard about the Wexford Lavender Farm from Nora. She was super excited about it. I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m easy. I’m happy wherever we go. I always look for a silver […]

Plum chutney and giveaway

There is something addictive about chutneys. I’ve never heard of them until I’ve started blogging. They are not popular in Poland, but since we live in Ireland I get more and more addicted. Whenever we get a chance we buy a new one to try. I still don’t have my favourite flavour combinations and I pick at random. I’ve never made a […]

Provins, lovely little town outside Paris

Provins is a little town just an hour away by train from Paris. It’s been on a UNESCO World Heritage List, because its architecture and city structure is very much the same as it was in Medieval times. When we visited Tomek’s family in Paris, they already knew I enjoy more quiet little streets, parks where you can wander […]

As time goes by – July

I can’t believe it, another month went by. Time flies, but I’m getting better at those monthly posts, I didn’t think I will get to third month! Instagram My instagram photo got featured by Vsco_urban! It’s nice to be appreciated. Summer I’m always surprised how easy it is to do something offline in summer. We […]

Leek and white cabbage with coconut milk and the ugly word diet

I’ve been avoid a word diet for a long time. I find it ugly at least in todays meaning, but the origin is much more aligned with my beliefs Diet – Middle English diete, from Anglo-French, from Latin diaeta, from Greek diaita, literally, manner of living, from diaitasthai to lead one’s life Merriam-Webster dictionary I feel […]

Versailles differently

Can majestic, touristy Palace of Versailles be as well cosy? I didn’t think so, but it actually can. I don’t what pops into your mind when you hear Versailles, but I was thinking - majestic, showy residence of French kings with huge gardens. Just next thought was, it will be very touristy. Queues I wasn’t wrong. There were a queue to enter, it […]

Maple butter strawberry crumble

I’m scared of talking to food producers. I’m under the impression that every blogger knows how to do it. Everytime I go to a food blogger gathering like Food Blogger Connect I see fellow bloggers easily chatting with producers and I just stand by and feel awkward. I thought it was only because I was shy, but […]

Strawberry kissel

Kissel (Polish: kisiel) is a fruit juice thickened with potato or corn starch. Its origin is Russian, but as it happens with food it is widely spread in Eastern Europe. Kissel is a simple dessert, that could be made with almost no effort, as it uses fruits it is healthy one, so it is considered […]

Mount Usher Gardens

Ireland is full of beautiful, quiet places where I love coming back. Mount Usher Gardens is one of them. But it’s really hard for me to try to describe why is it so amazing, as I keep being awed by almost every garden I visit. I hope photos will describe it better than my words. […]