Versailles differently

Can majestic, touristy Palace of Versailles be as well cosy? I didn’t think so, but it actually can. I don’t what pops into your mind when you hear Versailles, but I was thinking - majestic, showy residence of French kings with huge gardens. Just next thought was, it will be very touristy. Queues I wasn’t wrong. There were a queue to enter, it […]

Maple butter strawberry crumble

I’m scared of talking to food producers. I’m under the impression that every blogger knows how to do it. Everytime I go to a food blogger gathering like Food Blogger Connect I see fellow bloggers easily chatting with producers and I just stand by and feel awkward. I thought it was only because I was shy, but […]

Strawberry kissel

Kissel (Polish: kisiel) is a fruit juice thickened with potato or corn starch. Its origin is Russian, but as it happens with food it is widely spread in Eastern Europe. Kissel is a simple dessert, that could be made with almost no effort, as it uses fruits it is healthy one, so it is considered […]

Mount Usher Gardens

Ireland is full of beautiful, quiet places where I love coming back. Mount Usher Gardens is one of them. But it’s really hard for me to try to describe why is it so amazing, as I keep being awed by almost every garden I visit. I hope photos will describe it better than my words. […]

Lavender and honey bread

Maybe if I lived in a country where good quality bread is easy to find I wouldn’t make my own bread. We will never know, as I already got a bug. There is something addictive about bread making. Probably it is a smell of freshly baked bread, a tiny hiss you hear in a crust or just an […]

As time goes by – June

Last month I’ve tried to do something new - a monthly summary, or maybe inspiration list. Another month went by before I noticed. So let’s work on consistency and summarize June. Busy June was super busy. I was in London for Food Bloggers Connect and then Tomek’s family came over to visit, we did some touristy and less touristy […]

Sour cucumber soup

Let’s talk about Polish soups. There are many – a vegetable soup, tomato soup with rice or pasta, wild mushroom soup, pea soup, beetroot soup known as borscht, cabbage soup, sour rye soup, sorrel soup and many more. There is one thing that makes them different from an average Irish soup - chunks! All of them are […]

Lesser-known places in Dublin – Glasnevin Cemetery

I don’t how about you, but I like cemeteries. I’ve lived next to a third largest cemetery in Europe, when I lived in Szczecin. It is beautiful, there are areas where you feel like you are in a park or woods rather than in a cemetery.  If you ever visit Szczecin, it is definitely worth visiting. Glasnevin […]

Strawberries from the childhood

Whenever I think about summer months when I was a child I see big baskets of strawberries. At the beginning of a summer I would eat strawberries straight from a bush, but as the days went by my eagerness towards them would die out slowly. One of the reasons would be the abundance, they were brought over from an allotment every single day. My mom would encourage me […]

Apricot yogurt cake

Whenever a guest is coming to visit us, there is one thing I try to prepare, it  is a cake. I can agree on having a take away for a dinner, we may need to do shopping in the morning to have anything for breakfast, but the cake is something I like to have as […]