Short walk in Granada

After visiting Alhambra, we only had time to grab some late lunch and have a short walk in Granada before we needed to head back to our cave. As often when I don’t plan our lunch was in some mediocre place, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. I don’t how people manage to pick good places without a guide […]

Pumpkin cake with nutty crumble

Sometimes I see a cake that I must make it. That strange urge is like itching, doesn’t stop until you follow it up. That cake looked gorgeous and fitted into my autumnal mood. A lot of cinnamon and spices, some nuts and finally pumpkin. It couldn’t be better suited for this season. The cake should have […]

Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Alhambra was a highlight and centerpiece of our trip to Spain. It is a beautiful Moorish palace with big gardens. Lonely Planet described it as the most brilliant Islamic building in Europe. Our friends planned to visit it during their first trip to Andalusia, but they didn’t foresee how busy it is and you need to book tickets ahead. So […]

Hazelnut millet porridge with dates

Millet has been trending in Polish blogosphere for a while. Apparently it’s one of the healthiest grains (although technically it’s a seed). But I struggle with changing my habits. For an everyday breakfast I usually have muesli with milk or yogurt. But when I get myself organized I often have porridge. So millet porridge was on […]

Avondale House and Forest Park

It’s easier to write about things and places that just happened. I know it’s risky, it may mean that I will never write about other places that wait in my queue, but at least a few won’t disappear in my computer archive. So this Saturday we had another wonderful day. Yes, it rained on Friday, but […]

Sage and onion tear and share bread

l may not want to admit it but I’m a carb addict. I love my bread, even if I try to manage my addiction. So whenever something goes wrong, the life gets tiny bit more stressful the first thing that comes to my mind is warm, fluffy, white bread. I attempted this bread after after three cake catastrophes to […]

As time goes by – September

September is almost gone. Holidays This year we try to keep holidays for as long as possible. In Dublin you can feel it’s autumn, although the weather is still pretty awesome. But in Spain it’s even better. I started to show you what it was like to travel to Spain with a baby (not our […]

From Baza to Nerja, our first visit in Spain

Our cats’ and this blog’s birthday fall around the same week, a week we usually spend away. Last year we went to Edinburgh, this year we went to Spain. We don’t plan it this way, it just happens. We were traveling with two of our friends and their 10 month baby, so we haven’t had too […]

Killruddery House & Gardens

Ireland always amaze me when it where it comes to places you can visit over the weekend. Over and over we explore new places and every one has been great. Usually it starts with a house, in this case with Killruddery House, that is just outside of Dublin, you can get there from Bray. Last year my […]

Cardamom and coffee chocolate mousse

When I told you I loved chocolate mousse I wasn’t kidding. I loved how simple it was to make, how light it felt and how healthy it was. Well there is another (avocado one) that I would love to try. We are heading to Spain on Sunday (I’m writing it on Friday), I’m not packed, […]