Polish pate – pasztet

I sometimes struggle with translations. Wikipedia says pasztet = pate, but I don’t trust it, I’m almost sure I’ve seen more appropriate name somewhere. For a moment I will assume it’s correct, but do tell me if you know a correct name. Whenever I tell somebody what I have been cooking I end up reciting a simplified recipe. […]

Easter Weekend and Altamont Gardens

Have I told you I love spring? I love longer days and nature comes back to life. I love that grass is getting greener, trees blossom, little lambs run in the fields. Ireland is beautiful in every season, but every ray of sunshine makes it one of the most beautiful places in the world. Today we’ve […]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you all spend Easter as you like, with no rush and anger, but doing things you like, life is too short to be somebody else. My eggs have scratches and spots, the cats are doing quality check. There is no table with white tablecloth and plenty dishes, instead we have a […]

Berry meringue bars

I need to learn a lot. I’m still surprised with other people food choices. When I was baking for Great Irish Bake (more about it in Caramel Cheesecake post), I was trying to find one recipe that would be a little bit different from what I usually bake, after all it was a special occasion. It […]


Baking bread is addictive. Every bread book says so. I don’t know what it is about, but even though bread is fussy and doesn’t always turn out as it should it’s the most satisfying of all bakes. I bought lately a few cookbooks. Apparently nature needs balance, so even if I restricted myself from buying […]

Caramel cheesecake

I was thinking about joining The Great Irish Bake since I’ve read about it on Adrienne’s blog two years ago. The Great Irish Bake is a biannual event organized by Temple Street Hospital Charity to raise money for the children’s hospital in Dublin. You know I love baking, but I’m terrified of organizing events, I never […]

Spritz cookies

Tomek complains that stories on the blog are not related to the presented recipe. Well he is right, but what can I do, I don’t have a big philosophy behind every recipe. I love food, I think that food is part of us, part of society, culture, art. By looking at how you eat, when […]

Philippines – idyllic El Nido

For some of you El Nido could be paradise. It is all about sun, beach, palms, super fresh seafood, tiny, secluded islands, beach bars and no big hotels in sight. What more would you like? Unfortunately it wasn’t that simple for me. El Nido and Philippines are for me like a cute, charming guy, who […]

Apple muffins

I want it to be spring. It is almost here, the days are longer and flowers on my way to work open more and more everyday. There is a beautiful magnolia tree that blossoms so nicely, but I don’t know how it is possible when it’s still so cold most of the times. On Friday, […]

Healthy no bake refrigerator cookies

I used to have a blog where I was trying to stop the moments, I mostly managed to stop moments from my walk to or from work. I still do it on Instagram. There are million photos of my favourite bridge and beautiful Dublin sky, a few photos of cats and random photos of bread. I […]