Irish Bloggers’ Meeting

Drogheda  is small town about 50 km from Dublin. My friend’s boyfriend asked „Why are you going there, there is nothing”. Is it a true or not isn’t for me to judge, you should rather ask Clare, who had lived there for over a year. For me is always great surprise to find out that in Ireland even in small town you can find such a fabulous places like  Eastern Seaboard Bar & Grill and Brown Hound Bakery. They are fantastic and packed with customers. I hope one day in my hometown I will be able to go to really good restaurant or lovely bakery.


But maybe I start from the beginning. Everything started from this that before my move to Ireland I was looking for any interesting information about it and because I love blogs I was looking mostly there and I found the blog wrote by Clare, who moved to Ireland from Los Angeles. It was my first wow, because I would think that people should rather moving in the opposite direction. Thanks to Clare I found about about  IFBA – Irish Food Bloggers Association and I had pleasure to join its meeting in Drogheda.

We started our tour with a visit to Brown Hound Bakery. I felt there like in Paris, but in the other relations you will read that it also reminds Manhattan as well. No wonder, it’s American bakery.  I was rather expecting cosy, home like interior, but this one is classy and still cosy, but a little bit in a different way. You can easily see a care for the every detail. The owners of both restaurant and bakery are Reuven and his wife Jeni. Before opening the bakery helped them Craig Thompson, who came from New York for three months to help with training staff and developing the recipes. Many of them were based on his grandma recipes. And did I mention that the name of the bakery comes from their chocolate labrador. They have it for a year and it stolen their hearts (one day I will have a dog, cat and bakery with their names in it!). In the bakery you will find a lot of the things that Jeni can tell you about lovely stories. She has a great eye for details and you can see she just love this place.



Next to the bakery is Mo’s To Go – take away. Mostly you can find dishes known from the restaurant menu but also classics like Coney Island Corn Dog.


We spent dinner in a very blogger atmosphere, every time there was a new dish on the table all the cameras were taking pictures.

I love simple, delicious food like this warm bread.


Starter – Ploughman’s Plate sharp vintage cheddar, an apple & warm crusty bread. So simple and delicious, I must try it on my friends.


Sea trout with salad from cucumbers and tomatoes.



I love desserts and it was so hard to decide. Just read this mouthwatering names – little pots of warm chocolate heaven with citrus shortbread for dipping, molten macadamia fudge brownie with toffee ice cream, crème brulee w/ pistachio & candied orange biscotti… Monica and I decide to share the two with ones with chocolate. It was so good. But you won’t see brownie on the picture, it just didn’t looked right, but it was so delicious.


We also get some goodies bag. I love goodies bag.



An American in IrelandThe Daily SpudI Can Has CookDinnerduJourGunternation,Caryna’s CakesGracie Bakes, Katz Miaow, Smorgasblog, Monica and Grainne thanks for a lovely meeting and I hope to see you again.