Westport and Connemara

I haven’t told you that sometimes I am lucky, have I? Sometimes I am the luckiest girl in the world, and I have a feeling that Ireland makes me even luckier than usual. In June I won a lovely Moroccan cuisine course in the Kitchen in the Castle in Howth. I had lovely time in September during my first Irish food bloggers’ meetings in Drogheda, when we visited Eastern Seaboard Bar & Grill and Brown Hound Bakery and later during Irish food photography workshop organised by Bord Bia.
In October, I won a tickets to Easy Food Wine&Cheese night organized by Easy Food Magazine, that was really informative and entertianing, but I left my camera at home and just enjoyed great wine and cheese.
And last but not least I had an opportunity to spent last weekend in the lovely Knockranny House Hotel & Spa in Westport. This contest was organised by my favourite Irish Food Bloggers Association. It was the biggest prize I have ever won. So before we even got to the hotel I was seeing myself taking lovely, romantic photos in a style of Alice Gao, but life is life, and I am not Alice, so I only took a few photos, but they are not romantic.

 Knockranny House Hotel & Spa in Westport.

I am a small town girl, who mostly stay in hostels, mountain huts or B&Bs. So I am not the best person to review this hotel for you. For me it was beautiful, I love having a bathtub with jacuzzi.


The weekend when we were visiting Knockranny Hotel was special. It was a wine weekend and we got an opportunity to taste some lovely wines and eat a special tasting menu. I must admit that was the best part of the stay. I could give away the lovely room for this amazing food. I was a little bit afraid taking my boyfriend with me, you know, he is a real man that enjoys big portion of food so I was a little bit afraid he would be moaning that he is hungry and food is too fancy, but he has a good taste (obviously that’s the reason he is my man ;)). We ate seven small dishes. And I need to apologise to you, I don’t know when I will be comfortable with my camera in public places full with people. I still don’t like making a fuss, so I left my camera in the room and just enjoyed the meal.
But if I only knew that there were two bloggers during this dinner!
But you are lucky, you can read and see all food we had pleasure to eat (or maybe don’t look and don’t read, because it was sooo good, you will need to book a table straight away ;)) Anyway, Aoife wrote wonderful story about Knockranny Hotel and all the wonderful food, so please read it.
And I will show you my favourite part of Westport neighbourhood. Westport is situated in proximity to Connemara, and Connemara is so far my favourite place in Ireland. It is beautiful. I don’t have words to describe it. For me it’s a land straight from a fairytale. Just have a look. I’m almost 100% sure that some gnomes are living there.

connemaraconnemara fairytale4connemara fairytale5
You can easily fall in love with Ireland. The sea is at every corner and beaches are so beautiful. Sunday was quite a moody day, sometimes it was drizzling, but sometimes sun was shining. We were lucky while we walked along the beach, there was no wind and with a temperature at +10C, it was so warm.
 sunny beach
sunny beach2
sunny beach 3
Driving around Connemara. The mountains seem giant even though they are only around 500-700 m.
twelve bens
 big bens 2

Do you know anybody who wouldn’t fall in love with Ireland? I can’t imagine that is possible. I heard that Ireland isn’t a place where tourists are willing to come back. I know that the weather may not be the sunniest, but it is still perfect for sightseeing and grass is greener here than anywhere else.
There are so many places I still need to visit. And I need to come back to Connemara, because I haven’t go opportunity to go for a hike here.
So I hope I will be lucky one more time and I will find a nice job that will let me to stay here longer. I haven’t been unemployed for last six years. It has been only a week since my contract has finished. I thought that days will be longer, but they are as short as usual and my mind apparently need some time off, so I don’t listen to music, I don’t read blogs, I don’t tweet, a book is still waiting to be finished, I spend my time browsing through job websites and cooking some simple dishes. I think it is only temporary, I need to revive myself.
And keep your fingers crossed 🙂