An evening of food and wine

Irish Food Bloggers Association is great, sometimes it is a real lifesaver.
I really needed a break from waiting for a call from recruiter and ta-da!, there it is an evening of food and wine with Jean Chirstophe Novelli and Superquinn in the French Ambassadors Residence.
The French Ambassadors Residence is settled in a beautiful building. There are many other embassies or ambassadors residence settled on the same street.
I didn’t want to be either too early nor too late. When I was strolling down the street I noticed a woman getting out of taxi and walking one way, then other, than taking the photo of the building. Oh yes, she definitely looked like a blogger. A few minutes later I was introduced to Theresa from The Green Apron. Later I had finally opportunity to meet Vicky from blog just look at her Double LEGO® Cupcakes, they are fabulous.
The evening was a promotion of French Wine & Food Sale in Superquinn. Superquinn was the first supermarket introduced to me when I landed in Ireland, simply it was the closest supermarket to my home, and I was lucky to have a foodie landlord, who provided me with the most important information, where to buy good food. I also made my first shopping there. It was a year ago. Time flies fast.

white wine
an evening of wine
standing antique clock
frog legs
My first frog’s leg

At the door you could smell France, I mean this smell of delicious cheese. Nobody needs to recommend French cheeses to you, does he?

French cheese

There were also over sixty different wines to taste. So many wines, so little time.

 wine evening

wine evening
We had a sneak peak of what will happened in the stores during the big sale. The Michelin award winning French chef Jean Chirstophe Novelli will be giving cooking demonstrations.
You can easily see his passion for a food and he has a lot of stories to tell, he almost missed his flight because he was talking so much. His chocolate mousse was exquisite, very dark chocolate, really simple and delicious.

Jean Chirstophe Novelli
Theresa is cooking for the Michelin-starred chef 😉
Jean Chirstophe Novelli
Jean Chirstophe Novelli
Jean Chirstophe Novelli
Jean Chirstophe Novelli
Jean Chirstophe Novelli

spiced fruit compote It was a first time when I got a raw chicken breast as a gift, but good food is always nice to see in goodie bag 🙂
It was nice evening and nice way to find out about Superquinn sale. Because like everybody else I try to spend money wisely, I really like the wine prices, you can get really good wine from €6, and if you buy three bottles of €7 and €8 wines, you will only pay 20€, and if you buy 6 wines you will get extra 5% discount. There will be cheese too and Jean Chirstophe Novelli. So I know I will go wine shopping 🙂
I know it may sound like I was bribed with chicken breasts, but believe me I would write about it if I didn’t plan shopping there myself, and yes I do like good deals.
And just one, small remark, recipes from the sale leaflet could be more precise, so read the recipe carefully before you start cooking.