2012 in photos

I am not good at New Year’s resolutions, actually I have never made ones. I believe more in ad hoc resolution that show up along the year. Of course I don’t keep them too often.
These 2 holidays weeks should be about cooking, photographing, reading, catching up with loads of bits and pieces, I didn’t do half of it, I ate too much and now I don’t really feel like cooking too much.
I think however about quick suppers and lunches for the working days and how to get better in Thai and Chinese cooking. I didn’t figure out too much, so if you have any helpful ideas please feel welcome to share it.
Anyway I decided to check what will happen if I will put together some blog photos from this year.
My inspiration was Malgosia from Pieprz czy Wanilia (you will find her collages from 2011, I’m still waiting for 2012).
Dark side of Magda’s Cauldron:
Magda's Cauldron photos 2012 - delicious Polish food
Bright side of Magda’s Cauldron:
Magda's Cauldron photos 2012 - delicious Polish food
Not culinary side of Magda’s Cauldron
Magda's Cauldron photos 2012 - delicious Polish food
I look at these photos and I must say they are not bad. I’m proud of presenting you some my favourite Polish dishes. There were a few delicious cheesecakes, which is not surprising as I have a cheesecake lover here. It looks like it was mostly a year of baking for me. It looks like we haven’t been traveling enough, but it still looks delicious.
2012 was good. I got famous, at least a little bit.
But there is one thing that should be corrected, this year was definitely about bread baking. It is really hard to find good bread in a shop unless you are based in France. It is not like I’ve been trying out loads of different recipes, but there are a few that should make it here as they are simply delicious and I go back to them and the whole purpose of the blog was to keep my favourite posts together in one place.
I hope you had good 2012.
So I would like to wish you all happy New Year and delicious 2013.