The same story, random photos and small announcement

We’ve been in the same situation for more than one time. I mean me not having time to write over here. And this all happened when I decided to be a good blogger. I really did, I even work on a brand new website and I’m almost, almost finished, I just need one more free weekend, or make it two.
But… I don’t know when I get them. I know excuses for work and everyday life are not real excuses, but maybe at least you will forgive me when I will tell you that I’m busy planning a trip to Tuscany. I’m reading a book about Tuscany, have a guide to flick through and I need to find accommodation, and I really can’t wait.

In meantime when I don’t have a time to put together recipe for potato pancakes have a look at lovely freesias I got from H2G market.
And a view below is from a hike in Wicklow we finally managed to do.

Wicklow Way, Ireland, mountains, hills, green