Borough Market, London

Borough Market in London

2-london lipiec 20131I find it hard to give or take recommendations when it comes to traveling unless I know a person very well. I noticed that every person has different way of traveling. I am a wanderer and observer. I usually walk a lot and focus on beautiful or interesting sights. I love having a book guide with me, but I tend to forget all building names, purposes and dates. I can visits museums, but I don’t need to. I don’t even focus too much on tasting food, as there are always too many places to visit and in the end I don’t have any energy left for eating. Well there is one exception – markets.  I love them all – Mercato Trionfale in Rome, St. George’s Market in Belfast, Honest2Goodness in Dublin,  Milk Market in Limerick, Plac Ibramowski in Krakow, my hometown little market and of course Borough Market in London, we’ve visited last week.

water melons on the Borough Market in London

Our friends we’ve been visiting took us to Borough Market, it wasn’t our first time there, but so far it is one of the best markets I’ve ever been. It seems to be a perfectly balanced. I love traditional farmers’  markets, where you can find tomatoes, apples, all seasonal fruits and veggies. You can buy meat, fish, eggs, anything you may need for a weekend lunch or dinner. But often they can be too serious. This one is not too serious.

tomatoes on the borough market

1-london lipiec 2013

Eggs and bacon, Borough Market in London

cheese, Borough Market in London

When we visited it was hot, but there were ice tea, prosecco, spritzers, Pimm’s cocktails, sangria, water lemon lemonade and other drinks everywhere. Sangria at 11 a.m.? Why not, we are on holidays 😀 There are a lot of cafes and pubs around the market, so you can grab a bite after or before diving into the market with all people and go shopping.

Borough Market in LondonBorough Market in London
Borough Market in London