Slieve Donard in Mourne Mountains and anniversary

Slieve Donard - the mountains and heather

Slieve Donard - the mountains and heatherI grew up in a small town by the lake. The area was quite flat and the closest mountains where hundreds kilometers away. So I’ve never really was into hiking until I met her – Zosia, my best friend. I met Zosia 15 years ago, she grew up in Krakow that is very close to mountains, if you ask  any Polish that doesn’t live in Krakow, they will tell you that Krakow is in the mountains. Zosia loves mountains and hiking. Zosia also has a lot of energy and she never can sit still.

Slieve Donard - the mountains and heather

Sooo, when Zosia came to visit me I knew we need to go hiking. Tomek picked a mountain – Slieve Donard. It’s the highest mountain in the Northern Ireland. It’s a mountain with a wall. We made some stories where the wall comes from, but in the end they were far better than reality. The wall is fascinating. Especially if you know that the Mourne Mountains inspired C.S. Lewis to create Narnia.  Did I mentioned that The Chronicles of Narnia are among Zosia’s favourites? So you see, we needed to go there.

Slieve Donard - the wall

The weather on that day was typical Irish weather – some sunny spells, some rain, pretty warm and quiet cold and windy. Even before we head off for our trip I started to rumble, this is part of my hiking routine, Zosia knows it and accepts it (I hope so). But I actually stopped complaining during the hike. It was actually more enjoyable than I expected (I always expect the worst).

Slieve Donard - rain, cloud and mountains

The views were tremendous. Heather was blossoming, the wall was majestic and the mountain wasn’t as high as I was afraid.

And here is myself and Zosia celebrating our 15th anniversary at the top of the wall. We even had a cake, but I will tell you about it next time.

me and Zosia