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Edinburgh is a city of great expectation. In this way it’s similar to Galway. If you mention to somebody “I’m going to Galway” you will hear they love the city, that it is a great craic and it’s just fantastic. The same happens when it comes to Edinburgh, it seems to be a Galway’s Scottish cousin.

I hate expectations, they set you up and it’s really hard to decide what is your own, fresh perspective.  But this time I must agree Edinburgh is place worth visiting.


Edinburgh has a huge advantage, it’s only 45 minute away by plane from Dublin, so it actually takes more time to go to Kerry (this is why I still haven’t been to Kerry). With such an advantage it was worth visiting it over a weekend, but I must warn you two days are not enough to see most of it.

I mentioned before we usually walk a lot. This time Tomek even set up a tracking and roughly we did 45 km in two days! On the first day I was exhausted I had a hectic week with plenty of overtime  and  if I had a choice I would probably stay at home buried under a blanket, but I didn’t have a choice,  but that’s fine, sometimes is so much better to do something different, it clears my head from the everyday work thoughts.


We had wonderful weather on the first day, it was sunny, walking around the city was just pure pleasure. Sunday however started with rain, but luckily by noon it actually cleared out and we were left with typical Irish/Scottish weather sunny/rainy/windy usually at the same time.


The only thing we really planned was Edinburgh Castle. Everything else was just taking things slow without any pressure. I got some great tips from Adrienne from Bake for the Border. I kind of knew from a start that we probably do just a tiny bit, but life is all about compromise, isn’t it

The castle is magnificent. I love proper fortresses, with all it’s strength. As it is situated on the rock, you can see it from different locations around the city. Wherever you see it, it looks powerful.


The views from the castle are beautiful, especially on a sunny day. We were so lucky.


Edinburgh - view from the castle

Edinburgh - castle


Adrienne mentioned the city is very walkable, so take your comfy shoes with you. It is also very green. When it comes to architecture style Edinburgh reminded me Belfast and Harry Potter, but this is justify, J. K. Rowling has been writing here books there.




But that’s all is not the most important about Edinburgh, it’s all about whisky and beer. I’m a big fan of ales, so Edinburgh is actually place to be, most of pubs had craft ales, so many ales, so many delicious ales 🙂





edinburgh-0562We will for sure visit Scotland and Edinburgh again.