2013 snapshots

I usually don’t do summaries, but I did a summary last year and I liked it. So, this year I wrote 61 posts, so it is 21 more than the year before!

The most popular recipe was the mulled beer – it was recommended by Buzzfeed, so it got me a lot of buzz. I was even contacted by BBC as they consider inviting me to their show! The idea didn’t get through finally, but still BBC contacted me! I would like to know if anybody actually try the mulled beer and what did they think about it.

I moved to my own domain, it was complicated and I would make few things other way, but in the end it worked out fine.

From this year recipes the most popular were easy roasted chicken with butternut squash and cloudy lemonade. And I must agree with you the chicken is simple and so delicious.
the most popular recipes 2013
This year I finally moved to my own domain, it was complicated and I would make few things other way, but in the end everything should work fine from now on.

First half of the year we mostly hosted visitors. It started with Tomek’s cousin visiting us over the weekend, than Tomek’s brother and his wife visited us, than Tomek’s parents visited us. At very last my best friend stayed with us for over a week, and we  could celebrated our 15th year anniversary on the top of mountain, we ate cake as well. As part of hosting we visited county Wexford, Sligo, Aran Islands and Slieve Donard. Then it was hot, best Irish summer ever.

travels Ireland

In the second half we traveled a little bit. We visited Italy, LondonDungeness and Edinborough. We also went to visit my parents and therefore I told you about the town I come from,  and one I studied in.


I took plenty of cat photos, but you know that if you follow me on Instagram.

I think that’s the first year when I managed eat quite seasonally. Strawberries in June, plums in the autumn, dried mushrooms and cookies in winter. 

I also managed to share some my favourite Polish recipes like Russian salad, potato pancakeschrusty, herrings, or crunchy pierogi filled with dried mushrooms.

I thought that I overwhelmed you with bread recipes, when indeed there were only 5 breads and loads of sweets – 10 minute chocolate chip cookies, poppy seed cake, lebkuchen, banana breads, Christmassy banana bread to name a few.


I don’t like to make New Year’s resolutions, but I hope in the next year there will be more travel photos (I hope you like them), I will use my cookbooks more often, I will learn to use my supplies more effective. There is still loads of recipes I want to share with you but I’ve never managed to do so. Anyway I hope the next year will be delicious.

What about you? Do you have your favourite recipe? What was your year like? I would love to find out who you are, what you do, where you live. Usually I do most of talking, don’t be shy 😉

Happy New Year 2014 guys!