Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hook penisula

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s our third St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. During the first one we did proper touristy things, so we went to the parade, but once that’s checked we are above it 😉 It was exactly the same in Krakow. You know it yourself, the more touristy an event is, the least residents go to it.  We managed to create our little routine instead.

There are a few elements that are important.


In March the days are finally are longer, the temperature doesn’t spoil us usually, but if you are lucky to get a little bit of sunshine, you can feel this brilliant warmth. Our cats ditch the heater and pick a balcony time instead.

It's spring, it's less heater time for cats.
Spring may be slow, but already there is less heater time for cats.

Gardens and parks start to look handsome – daffodils, snowdrops and magnolia trees blossom. I pick up bouquets of tulips or daffodils to cheer up our apartment. I love spring flowers.


Travel time

We do travel in winter, but St. Patrick’s time mean we have an extra day. There is something special about this trip, it feels a little bit like first day at school, the first trip of the season.

Places we visit are still quiet. Quite a few places actually open from April or May (they drive me mad, when I try to plan our trip).

This year we went again to county Wexford (more photos from last year). Its biggest advantage is that is really close to Dublin, so it was perfect for a day trip.

Wexford County

Our destination was Curracloe beach where the D-Day scene in Saving Private Ryan was filmed. There is pleasant, relaxing Raven Loop Walk (our friends were delighted as it reminded them of Poland).

Curracloe beach
Curracloe beach
Curracloe beach

Because we took wrong turn in the morning, our plans slightly changed, instead of visiting Altamount Gardens we visit briefly Wexford city, pretty and relaxed little town.

Wexford bridge
Wexford fun fair

Our last spontaneous stop was the Hook Head, unfortunately we were too late to take a lighthouse tour, but I love this place anyway. It is beautifully located. The lighthouse itself it’s so charming, it’s over 800 years old! and it is the second oldest working lighthouse in the world. 
Hook lighthouse

If you look closely you will see beautiful cliffs on the other side of the bay.
Hook penisula
Hook penisula

Hook penisula

Food, but no green food

Green is official Irish colour, the food and drinks are barely green, or worse coloured green. I feel that it is more appropriate to cook with Guinness (Guinness ice cream or cake, anyone?), Irish whiskey (although not everybody will agree) or probably the most appropriate would be to make Irish recipes like famous calcannon, that I’m ashamed to admit I still didn’t try.

This year I was testing a variety of drinks based on whiskey and Irish beer and whiskey cake. Unfortunately none of them was good enough to get to the blog.

On the other hand for our dinner today we will have a leg of lamb, something that would never cross my mind in Poland, so I need to admit that Irish cuisine already influenced my cooking.