Happy Easter!

Easter eggs

Easter eggs and a catHappy Easter!
I hope you all spend Easter as you like, with no rush and anger, but doing things you like, life is too short to be somebody else.
My eggs have scratches and spots, the cats are doing quality check. There is no table with white tablecloth and plenty dishes, instead we have a few that we hope to enjoy. Spring is finally here and even though it is still moody, life feels good. We already visited Battle of Clontarf Viking Festival 2014 (it’s a great event, especially in a lovely, spring weather), afterwards we stopped over for a pint and some meal, it was not planned, but pretty delicious and tomorrow we going on a trip to Altamount Gardens in Carlow. On Monday I hope we will slow down a bit and spend some time at home. 
Life feels good anyway. I hope you feel the same.
Easter eggs