May – I’m a fraud

Black and white cat

I’m a fraud, or at least sometimes I feel like one. When I’ve started this blog I’ve decided it will be a food blog only (although I’ve left my options open with the name). I’ve looked back at my blog and I must admit I enjoy looking at the travel and personal posts more than food ones! They bring back memories. So I felt a little bit confused and I’ve decided I will start trying things more often. I’m not sure if I like it, but I will never know if I won’t try it, right?. If you don’t like it just tell me, I will think it over. If you like it, please tell me as well.

So here is random May list. Just to start making it more personal:

I love blogs, that say a little bit of a blogger. I like to know that a blogger have a cat, they went to a nice concert, or stuff like that. When was the last time when you saw my cats?
They are good, thank you.

Black and white catBlack and white cat

My birthday is in May. I’ve never decided how I want to spend my birthday. I’m not good at throwing parties, but I like baking myself a cake (yes, I do like bake a cake for my own birthday, I think my cakes are awesome :D). This year, my birthday was different than usual. I didn’t even needed to think what to do with it as I spent at a work related workshops, where I sketched a lot and Tomek had a company party, so I spent my evening in a company of few nice people that I’ve met during the event, we drank beer, ate pizza and enjoyed one of the nicest spring days in Dublin. It was casual and nice, I’ve liked it.
As a birthday present (for both of us, Tomek’s birthday is exactly a month later than mine) we are going to a Michelin-star restaurant. We’ve started this tradition last year and it works pretty well as we totally clueless what to get each other for birthdays (we are one of those people who have most things they need)

I miss it so much. The weather in Poland now is gorgeous and I don’t make it easier to myself by reading about hot weather in New Orlean, at this point I’m actually jealous about sweating and complaining about it being too hot. It’s pretty miserable here in Ireland at the moment 12C and raining. A few days ago the radio woke me up happily saying “It’s a beautiful morning in Dublin, it’s 9C”. Yes, it was beautiful morning, but it’s not summer! So on the photos below you can see, the day closest to proper summer, and more typical weather.
But I will pretend it’s summer by making this Jelly Shots!
Ireland rainIreland rain

Dublin is lately crazy about cocktails. I’ve taken a friend to Peruke & Periwig, she totally fall in love with it. It’s definitely the cosiest place I’ve found in Dublin so far. The cocktails are super expensive, but very nice.

I was never really good at art & crafts, but I always enjoy it so much. I always forget about it until I grab paint and brush. I’m so happy, I can use blog excuse to do it, it’s so fun.
painting a photo background

Have you seen Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown? I’ve watched the first season and only now spotted there is a season three already. Watch it, it’s really good and gets you think, about food, people, war and big things.

And that’s it. Hopefully we talk about random things next month.