Killruddery House & Gardens

Killruddery House

Killruddery House

Ireland always amaze me when it where it comes to places you can visit over the weekend. Over and over we explore new places and every one has been great.

killruddery house greens

Usually it starts with a house, in this case with Killruddery House, that is just outside of Dublin, you can get there from Bray. Last year my best friend Zosia was charmed by this place. It took us a while but we finally got there.

Killruddery House The place is charming. Every Saturday there is a farm market. I’ve been to a few Irish markets, but I was surprised with slightly unusual stalls like the one with used books, or two or three beer stalls.

killruddery house marketThe cheese we got was delicious and you can actually get a raw milk as well. Would you believe I’ve never tried raw milk? We need come again and buy some and maybe make some cheese out of it.

Killruddery House - Ice Cream Stall

Killruddery House - Market Building

You can easily spend a whole day out there. The house and gardens are quite big. It is nothing like the Mount Usher , but it perfect for relaxing walks or just lying on the grass, it’s so specious and you don’t need to worry it will get too crowded. There are hedgerows where you can play hide and seek.

killruddery house greens

killruddery house greens

The owners of the possession work hard on keeping it busy, there is a lot going on there. Pilates classes during the week, theme events over the weekend, theatre plays in the gardens and concerts in the conservatory, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the events.

Killruddery House Gardens

For kids you have veggie garden and a few farm animals. There is picnic spot and just outside the house there is a Squirrel’s Scramble Tree adventure park.

Killruddery House Views

And if you are anything like me and get hungry pretty easily you can grab something on the market or there is a cafe in the gardens.

Killruddery House Tea House

Killruddery House GardensKillruddery House Gardens

Between July and September you can do a guided tour of the house. The owners still live there and the interior is really beautiful. 
Killruddery House

Killruddery House Room

killruddery house roomsKillruddery HouseKillruddery House

Killruddery House DetailsKillruddery House Sculpture

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