As time goes by – October


Celebrating achievements

It was very social month. There were quite a few celebrations.

  • Lily from A Mexican Cook had officially launched her offline store – Picado. So if you are ever in Dublin and in need of Mexican ingredients and advice go and visit her (yes, I know technically it was in September, but it was after my monthly summary).
  • Our friend, Ania made a poster for a MOANments of happiness exhibition and I’ve learnt that sometimes after 6pm in Dublin you won’t get a coffee.
  • Thanks to Nora, I got a chance to meet Emily from From China Village and congratulate her on her newest work – Delightful Dublin. It’s a subjective guide on Dublin, if you are into style and design you will for sure love it. Emily is one of the bloggers I look up to, she is so hard-working and entrepreneurial, that I wish I was more like her.
  • And there were quite a few nice gathering like those drinks with a friend that we tried to schedule in for a year or so.


I love to connect with people but in a more fundamental way. I never go to parties, but I invite friends and I cook for them. We sit around a table, maximum 6 people, because if there are more people there is no space around the table. And when we speak to each other, everyone speaks about the same topic. Whereas when you are at a party, there are 200 people and loud music and in each corner there is a different topic, and small talk.

Werner Herzog – The Talks

That’s exactly why I don’t like parties. I need to do cook dinner for friends more often. PS. We have friends over tomorrow 🙂

Movies and books

Have you ever seen a movie that was better than a book?

I’ve just finished Steve Jobs autobiography. The movie was meh, it slipped through my mind without any repercussions, but the book is so interesting. Especially for anybody who works in a design field. You may not like Steve, but this guy was brilliant at what he was doing. Our world would be so much different if it wasn’t for this guy. I definitely recommend it.


Kerry, Ireland, seaside

The weather was spoiling us so we spent most October weekends out, mostly close to Dublin, like in Avondale, but last weekend as you could say from my Instagram, we went to see one of the most beautiful regions in Ireland – Kerry. Even in moody weather it was beautiful. Just wait for photos (as usual I took too many).

Pretty things

Mood4Wood rolling pins

Have you ever seen more beautiful rolling pin? Actually there are few more designs I loved. You can order them from Mood for Wood on Etsy or just admire them on Facebook and they are made from Polish wood. If you have baking friends and family, that’s one Christmas gift sorted. (No, they are not paying me to say so, but we should share beautiful things).