A few places in Barcelona worth visiting

Mercat St Josep La Baqueria

cafe in barcelona

Often friends ask me for food recommendations for places we visited. They assume that because I’m a food blogger, I eat really well, but to be honest the food side of my trips is usually mediocre, because very often I select places based on proximity and price.

OK, maybe it’s not that bad and I’m exaggerating a little bit, I do my research and we do eat some nice food, but not that often as you would think.

This time I got recommendations from Marta’s blog – What should I eat for breakfast today, and helpful Trufla. The list of places worth of visit was pretty long and we only visited a few, and found a few not mentioned.

Just to warn you – don’t look here for extraordinary or the best places to eat in Barcelona. I’m small town girl conscious of a budget, so we were going for places that were not too touristy, quite cheap, but still with decent food.

A few places in Barcelona worth visiting

  • My favourite breakfast was at cafe Marti good pastries, nice atmosphere, and a mix of locals and tourists.
  • El Casal, it’s a funny place, run mostly by French, but they are a sign food must be good. Really good value for money – menu of the day, three dishes plus wine is around 9-10 euros. Nice vibe. Long communal tables. Good service. I think they close around 4pm. It’s just around the corner from Iglesia Santa Maria del Mar.



  • Another similar place like El Casal is Bodega Manolo, it is very off the beaten path. After visiting Park Guel we were looking for something to eat. We run away from touristy streets around the park and started looking. The area wasn’t touristy at all, actually we almost doubted if we find anything. One place suggested by TripAdvisor was closed and my friend wanted to give up, but we decided to try just one more place. In Bodega Manolo during lunchtime you can go for menu del dia, very economical option, 3 dishes with wine for nine something euro. The food is good, it’s a home-made food, it’s great value for money and all people there are locals. I love observing people and that was one of those places where you can see quietly and observe how Spanish eat. No rush, taking their time to relax and chat with friends and family.
  • A music club – Harlem Jazz Club – we went on a day when there was a jam session. Very studenty, small and dark, but good vibe. Don’t order wine, it’s really bad, go for a beer.
  • Churrería Manuel San Román, I only had churros once in my life, so I’m no expert, but they did taste good and Trufla swears they are the best she ate, she is more experienced. It’s easy to miss as it’s tiny.
  • La Champañería – Can Paixano, it is a must, at least to just have a look and feel atmosphere. They are open from early morning. A glass of cava is around 1.40 euro and you should order some food to go with it. We made a faux pas by ordering just cava and got a look. Later my friend tried a sandwich with some meat. She loves meat and was delighted, if she could she probably would be eating there every day, luckily it was our last day 😉 There are no seats. Everything happens at the bar.
  • El Vaso de Oro, we only walked in there. It looked great, but it was lunchtime and it was very crowded, but looked very authentic, it reminded me of an Irish pub, just with tapas at the counter ;)Next time when I’m in Barcelona I plan to come back and grab something to eat there.
  • We really wanted to visit La Cova Fumada as it is supposed to be the best seafood tapas, but they are open funky hours and it was always closed when we were around. Another reason to come back to Barcelona.