A little bit of winter in Ireland

When I asked you to postpone New Year’s resolution, I was only teasing you, because I had a really good cake recipe I wanted to share. As mentioned before I’m no good with resolutions at all, but I do try working on bits every now and then. Lately I decided that we need to go back to weekend walks or hikes.

Dublin Mountain Winter-7859


Yes, the weather could be friendlier. We had a few very windy weeks, but weekends are alright. Alright in Ireland means it isn’t raining. But after a week of sitting in the office and staring at the computer screen dry weather is enough to give me a sparkle of joy. We even got a few sunny spells, so I can’t complain.


We wanted to hike around Lough Bray, but the path was more icy than we expected (we should have taken our ice grips!), so we changed our plans. We did drive through Wicklow Mountains though and it was so beautiful (and freezing) that I need to share it with you. It so easy to forget how beautiful world can be…

Dublin Mountain Winter-7856


In the mountains it’s amazing how the conditions can vary by altitude. One minute we were in the middle of winter, and another one it was spring, with almost no sight of snow.


The colours in Ireland are always amazing – blue and green always calm me down.


If you look at the photo of Lough Bray it may not seem too bad, but believe me everywhere in that grass there was ice hidden.

Dublin Mountain Winter-7848


The Christmas celebrations are still on as you can see.

Dublin Mountain Winter-7850

We went for a walk in the Hell Fire Club and Massey’s Wood. If you get slightly disturbed by the name, you are right. There are multiple dark stories surrounding that place, apparently everything started with a guy who used stones from a passage grave cairn to build himself a house and then he was punished by the Devil. Not the best start…

Dublin Mountain Winter-7863

But on a Saturday afternoon you wouldn’t say it’s haunted place. It’s quite very location for walking dogs and family strolls (for the record none of the dogs were hauling). And it was much warmer and less slippery.

Dublin Mountain Winter-7862

Dublin Mountain Winter-7847Dublin Mountain Winter-7857