Castletown House

Castletown house

Castletown house

We can’t sit still. It’s been over 3 years and there are so many places in Ireland that we haven’t seen.

We visited Castletown House when Tomek’s family visited us in June. I’ve heard about it through Facebook, as a coworker’s family lives nearby and they often go for a walk there. So when we were looking for some castle/mansion/house that we have not seen yet, that seemed like a good idea.

Castletown house

But the house became one of the places that had been cursed by being too pretty. I loved too many details about the house that I’ve taken too many photos and then struggled to go through them and pick my favourites.

Even the old kitchen looked great.

Castletown house - kitchen There are several different rooms. Look at the colours and details.


Castletown house
Old tea cup
Old wallpaper

Only the painting of dogs attacking a bear was a little bit disturbing.

Castletown house

castletown house-8
Castletown house

Castletown House is one of those places around Dublin I adore. There is enough to do to spend half a day or even a full one – the house for some sightseeing and history, a great amount of green for a walk or picnic, and a café to grab a coffee.

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