As time goes by – February 2015

Malahide beach

As every month I wonder how is it possible that the month is already gone.
It was very calm month. Nothing major happened. We weren’t too active. A few walks nearby Dublin.
The highlight of the month was watching Stomp live. So creative and yet so simple. Highly recommended.



We cooked food like every month, nothing fancy. I managed to keep the habit of making a soup every week. I’m proud of myself, but I must admit, that when I’m not cooking from a recipe soups turn out quite bland. Do you have any recommendations for tested soups?

Even though I enjoy cooking, I wouldn’t mind if somebody sent me some delicious lunchbox like this everyday. Don’t watch that movie hungry!




If I haven’t said it at loud, here it is – my word of the year is simplifying.

I totally agree with the concept that we achieve most when we focus on one thing. But being Jack of all trades it’s hard to define what is my one thing.

That’s why I’m reading The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results, I’m 1/3 into it, so there is still time to figure it out.

When I know what’s my thing is I will carry out those rules to master it (if I won’t forget).

Everything I read lately focuses on multitasking or rather switch tasking, as apparently multitasking doesn’t exists. I’m too often victim of doing too many things at once and then I forget what I was trying to do in first place. You don’t want to know how many time I got lost in my browser tabs when I was writing those words.

I love the quote from the TED talk that “Everything was better back when everything was worse”. Having too much choice isn’t a good thing, it means we are less happy no matter what we choose. I try to narrow my choices and learn to pick the first best choice rather than research forever for something perfect.

For blogging it means I should finally stop beating myself for not being active in all social media. That is a really good tool to help you define what you should use each channel for.