Donna Hay Challenge – mushrooms, broth and more

What do you do when you are not blogging?
I was running, reading, getting a flat tire in my bike, buying lovely pannier hand bag.
I  was walking for 20 km with my friends.
I was eating tapas, baking bread, making salads, sharing my blogging knowledge (check Rich’s blog).
I was also dreaming about being a perfect blogger and patient learner. You know these childish dreams, when you see yourself staying up late just to write perfect post, or getting up early to take a perfect photo and try new approach to your photography.
So yes I have these dreams, but then I don’t get up from the couch. So there will be no photo of my lovely bag or a book.
I noticed I always complain when I take part in Donna’s Hay Challenges. I complain how impatient I am.
So I will save you that story today.

I loved all Donna’s recipes so far. But this one was so so.
First wonton wrappers didn’t want to cooperate, almost all cracked when I tried to join the dough. And the taste wasn’t perfect, it was so floury.
There were far too many mushrooms in the recipe. And I got different type of mushrooms, maybe that was a case. I must admit coriander is not our favourite herb.
I’m happy because I tried galangal, that is hot, but different kind of hot. I just don’t have idea where to use it.
The soup was ok the first day. It is quite spicy, but next day it was so messy as the wontons turned into one mash.
I’m not happy with a photo, as the background is too plain, the angle and the light aren’t exactly as they should.
But this recipe got me a few ideas.
I love the way of shaping wontons wrappers, it’s quick and so easy. I want to try it with pierogi.
I also should present you a recipe for rosół z kołdunami (chicken broth with kolduny). Kolduny are small pierogi stuffed most likely with meat. But I must admit to something. I’m not really a good chicken broth cooker. I know I should learn basics. But my parents chicken broth is the best.
So maybe it will be easier to present you with a mushroom soup. I just need proper wild mushrooms. They have more texture and flavour than button mushrooms. So far I have dried mushrooms picked and dried by my parents, so there will be a lot of mushroom flavour anyway.

You can read more about Donna’s Hay Challenges on Simone’s blog. You will find the original photo and recipe.


In meantime in Ireland we went for a long walk to Killiney. The view from the hill is just beautiful. Too bad the visibility wasn’t good. But maybe it’s better, we will go there again.