Driving through Connemara



There is a ton of photos I wanted to share with you. Most of them doesn’t have anything to do with food (sorry). They are just sites we view recently. Our trips are usually quite busy and exhausting, we see many places, but there is never enough time and we try to see everything that’s possible. We also learn how much is enough. We are planning our trips much better now, so actually we can enjoy our trips 😉

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Ireland is beautiful as you probably know. Connemara is still one of my favourite spots, we drove through it twice. Here you can see photos from a previous trip. This time we had only a day to show it around to my best friend. So again it was pretty intensive.

Connemara’s landscape is just beautiful – green, empty. You will find the only Irish fjord there.

Slieve Donard - the mountains and heather
Dungeness Beach Food
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Kylemore Abbey is a beautiful building at the shore of a lake. It’s one of the most photographed buildings in the area, but you can understand why. If you want to visit it, you may actually reserve a full day, as it is a lovely spot for a walk, you also get to visit abbey, church and beautiful gardens. The minimum time you need for it is around 2 hours.

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Cong is a lovely little town, with a beautiful abbey and Ashford Castle, that currently is a fancy hotel where Pierce Brosnan had his wedding reception.

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The castle and abbey are joined by lovely path along the river.

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