As time goes by – August

raspberries in a bowl

How was your August like? Mine was blurry. I look into my calendar, my instagram feed and can’t define it. It wasn’t particularly warm, it wasn’t very busy, but it wasn’t very calm either.

Photography course

raspberries in a bowl

The only thing that actually define August for me, was the photography course. I’ve signed up to 30 Days to Better Food Photos. I promised myself I will try to follow it as much as possible. I made to the day 17th and we went to Krakow for a weekend break and as you can imagine the routine has collapsed. I still hope I will be able to catch up with assignments. But there are only 2 weeks left and we are off to Spain. So I wonder if that’s even possible.

photography course - plates

The course covers basics, it makes you think about every element of a good photo. It about thinking more before taking a photo. I wasn’t a very good student as I trying to finish tasks as soon as possible, but that’s what happens when you are hungry after work. Anyway I like some of the photos.

My favourite task was organizing props. I organized all my tea towels and napkins based on colours. They look so pretty. I didn’t have a clue I have so many! organizing props


I still feel that the blogging crisis is here. I don’t have a clue who am I talking to, what I want to talk about or why I blog. I don’t have time to visit my favourite blogs (so sorry that I haven’t say hi to you guys lately, I will be back, I promise and you are brilliant) and I don’t have time to network, even though I promised myself I will finally do something about. But I like it here, so I don’t plan to disappear.

But at least I read this post, it reminds me that sometimes it’s not important, and writing for yourself is enough.

On bright side I’ve been shortlisted in two categories for in Blog Awards Ireland.


august travel collage

We didn’t travel much. We’ve visited Killruddery House, Varty Reservoir and Kraków. Photos from those places are just waiting for my attention. I sometimes wish somebody would take care of it for me.


This year is amazing for me in area of reading or rather listening. I’ve already managed to get my goal of reading/listening 12 books in a year!

This month I’ve finished listening to an audiobook – Power of Habit and I was telling everybody about it. It’s a brilliant book. It’s not one of the self help books, it’s just really interesting book on habits, how they rule our life, organizations, how we can use it for our advantage.


We’ve managed to see Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. It was so beautiful. The nature is amazing and there are so many talented photographers out there. This exhibition in Dublin is over, but I’m sure you can find other inspiring exhibition. It’s a great feeling to be awed.