Take control, just walk

dublin - sunrise over Samuel Beckett Bridge

On Monday morning, half asleep I was leaving for work. Our apartment is on 3rd floor. I must admit I usually use the lift. As usual I pressed the button and when I was trying to untangle my headphones I notice the lift is still on the ground floor. So I’ve just took the stairs. I wasn’t thinking too much about until I’ve reached the 1st floor. One guy hit the stairs, but there was another guy, he was going anywhere, he was waiting patiently.

I thought it’s such a waste of time, it’s only first floor, move!

I know it’s such a small thing, but I thought this situation says a lot on our life approach.

Georgian Dublin - doors
Beautiful, autumnal colours

We love blaming other people, circumstances for not being perfect. We are always wait for something to happen – I won’t travel there, kids are too small, I won’t start that business it’s too difficult, I don’t have money for it, etc. Sometimes we are right, sometimes obstacles are big, life can be scary, but other people do amazing things, so we can too.

We can start small like taking stairs when the lift doesn’t come, walking instead of waiting for a late bus. Doing instead of waiting.

It takes a few seconds to decide to take an action and walk. When you walk, you are in control. You are not waiting for a lift, or a bus, you make thing happen.

Maybe that won’t change a thing in your life, the worst case scenario, you will walk a little bit more that day. But maybe you will like that feeling of being in control.

Sorry for my rambling, but it is so annoying when you see a quick fix. I’m not perfect, I often wait for too long, maybe that’s why I’m so annoyed. But let’s promise each other that we will just take control of circumstances more often, OK?
PS. Photos are examples what I saw when I was walking to work You will find more on my Instagram.

rainbow over sky - Dublin