Spain – loose ends


View from CastrilThat’s the last part of photos from Andalusia. And apart from visiting quite stellar tourist places mentioned before like Alhambra, Granada, white villages or Nerja, we managed to squeeze in a few random, more off beaten track trips.
Castril, flower potsOne day thanks to our hiking friend, we decided to do a short loop walk around Castril. I mentioned we had a baby with us, so we didn’t want to plan anything too exhausting if it’s too hot, or too boring for the little guy. That walk was brilliant, very easy and relaxing. It  first goes along the river, that’s very refreshing even on a cooler September day. Then you need to cross a small suspension bridge, and dark, but luckily very short tunnel, and finally you walk through little fields and gardens back into the village.
Castril Walk Peña del Sagrado CorazónCastril itself is a small, friendly village with a few grocery stores and bars. At time of our visit it didn’t feel touristy at all.
Castril Spain - flower pot Castril - street sign Herbs and flower pots in the building in SpainThe other town that surprised me was Baza. I really loved it as it was normal Spanish town, with no touristy feel at all. I was also surprised that even though it was relatively small town (population around 20k, so even smaller than my hometown), but it was full of shops, restaurants, people and just everyday life. I really enjoy being in places like this.  Spain - mosaic Baza, SpainAs you can see the town is much more colourful than white villages, but still very classy.
Baza, Spain castril houses castril lampAnd everywhere we went there were peppers drying.
Drying peppers, SpainDriving around Andalusia was fun – mountains, coast, water reservoir. So many places, so little time.
Spain, reservoirSpain, reservoir Andalusia, coastal road Andalusia, coastal road