Campo Viejo Tapas Trail

What kind of person are you? Do you like eating out? Visiting new places, trying new dishes?
Well I must admit I am eat-at-home-eater. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying new food and visiting new places, but I grew up in small town and you would go to a restaurant only for big celebrations. Later on when I moved to big city to study I was only poor student, so I would eat pizza or visit my friend who cooks very well. So even though many things have changed, I feel a little bit out of place in a restaurant. On the other hand I love eating at home where I can control everything, where atmosphere is as easy going as possible, and where I just feel comfortable.
So we end up more often eating at home than eating out, which is good for our budget and my cooking skills, but sometimes I need an impulse to break a routine. Food bloggers and food bloggers meetings are just perfect inspirations for it.
I am still grateful for the opportunity to eat in Knockranny House Hotel in Westport, it was the best food I’ve ever tried.
This time, I got opportunity to take part in Campo Viejo Tapas Trail.tapas-trail-3927It’s great way to spend your Sunday afternoon, especially if you have friends who never can agree on where to go.

The Campo Viejo Tapas Trail will be great, you get to visit four restaurants where in each one you try three tapas and a glass of Campo Viejo. The atmosphere is very informal and friendly and food is very good.

Our lovely host Paul.He is great story teller.

tapas-trail-3938Patatas Bravas in the Market Bar. If you ever eat there, look out for portions, they are huge, this is half of small portion.

tapas-trail-3960Salamanca St Andrews Street. Here my favorite was a poached egg with chorizo and potato foam. You must forgive me, but photo didn’t look too appealing and apparently sea food is more photogenic 😉

Havana Tapas Bar – the tapas were the smallest, but they were full of flavor. The filo wraps with goat cheese, spinach and fig sauce were really nice too.
Salamanca Fusion. Unfortunately it was our last stop. The Catalan creme brulee was to die for.
Bloggers life is hard. It was so nice to see some bloggers again and meet a few new ones.

So you see. I work on my going out attitude.
Where should we go next weekend?
We will be in Belfast, do you have any recommendations?